$1 Gift Certificate Sale at Restaurant.com

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Restaurant.com is doing a $25 gift certificate for $1 sale (until December 24th)! Normally I try not to get very in your face about advertising stuff. There is an ad bar at the top which doesn’t generate a whole lot of revenue, but its a few cents here and there. However, this is a perfect storm because it’s a service that Jen and I both use and right now its at a perfect price for the holidays.

So what is it? Restaurant.com is a discount site, kind of like groupon, where restaurants sell discounted gift certificates. Usually the gift certificates start at about half price (so, $12 for $25), and then as the month progresses and their stock starts to lower, they increase the discount. It’ll go from 50% off, to 60% off, to 70%, to 80%, and in some cases the price will drop down to a dollar. That’s the case we are seeing right now. For $1 you can get a $25 gift certificate to a number of different Lehigh Valley restaurants.

A bunch of great local restaurants are represented, like our buddies over at Starfish Brasserie. So, if you see a place you regularly visit, its a great way to save a few bucks. Plus, if you see some places you’ve always been curious about, you can check out some of them too (that’s what we tend to do). Just try not to get certificates for places on a whim – companies like restaurant.com are hedging their bets that you’re not going to use the certificates. The key to using sites like this, just like groupon and living social, is that you don’t get things you’d never use. Try to keep the ones you buy local too, so you don’t hesitate about visiting them (just like the gym, the farther it is from you, the less likely you are to use it). The best case is somewhere you already visit all of the time.

Also make sure you have access to a printer, so you can print it out.

Jen and I keep a little file folder full of them so if we want to go out (since they never expire), so we can visit one of our go-to places and save a few dollars. Feel free to check it out!

EDIT: One of my friends on facebook asked me why the cheapest price she saw was $10 for $25. You have to apply the discount code JOY, and it will take off the discounts for you. You do this after you add something to your cart – there is a little box in the upper right that says “Enter Promo Code”. Hope that helps! -Matty

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