Absolutely Amazing – Doctors Connect Human Brain to a Robotic Arm!

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Ok, so I know this is out of left field a bit, and has nothing to do with our normal subject matter – but this is really incredible. Pictures and video.

Brain linked to robotic hand; success hailed

When it happened, emotions flashed like lightning.

The nearby robotic hand that Tim Hemmes was controlling with his mind touched his girlfriend Katie Schaffer’s outstretched hand.

One small touch for Mr. Hemmes; one giant reach for people with disabilities.

Tears of joy flowing in an Oakland laboratory that day continued later when Mr. Hemmes toasted his and University of Pittsburgh researchers’ success at a local restaurant with two daiquiris.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11283/1181062-53.stm#ixzz1aOhP9L7K

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